Market Research Preview: COVID’s Impact on Sleep Medicine


Since the beginning, research has been at the core of EnsoData’s mission. In 2015, our founding team set out to apply the latest in machine learning to fundamentally shift the way clinicians interact with physiologic data in healthcare. Today, we have one of the most widely deployed waveform artificial intelligences being used in real-world clinical settings. 

The work we do provides us with a unique perch from which we observe how sleep centers across the country are evolving and adjusting to changes in sleep medicine. And there’s never been a bigger, more acute change than the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the interest of using our unique perch to best serve the sleep community during this time, we’ve drawn inspiration from our research-based roots. Last week, our team embarked on a nationwide market research project to understand the biggest challenges sleep centers are facing as they adjust patient care and operations in light of COVID. Every day we are talking with ten or more clinical and operational executives to learn about the changes they’ve made – what’s working and what’s not working. Additionally – and what we expect to be most interesting – we’re asking these sleep leaders to share their view on what the future looks like beyond the pandemic.

  • What role will remote patient visits play? Will telehealth reimbursement go away?
  • Will insurance push even harder for HSTs?
  • How long will wait times for in-lab studies get?
  • Will a shift to virtual HST and PAP therapy setups become the norm?

Click directly below if you’re a sleep center owner, medical director, or operational executive that would like to contribute to our project.


In a few weeks, we’ll share the research we’ve collected from over 100 sleep centers across the country with the intent of offering some helpful context, ideas on how you can adjust in the future, and maybe some peace of mind.

In the meantime, we’ve included a few results you might find interesting from a recent Sleep Review survey on the impact of COVID in the sleep community.

Kudos to Sree Roy for the work she and her team did to capture the early impact of COVID-19 on the sleep community.

Survey question:

Are you switching patients from in-person to telemedicine visits due to COVID-19? (check all that apply)

268 responses

Check out the telemedicine resource page for sleep that we put together in late March. 


Survey question:

In what way(s) are you changing sleep studies? (check all that apply)

207 responses

If you’ve experienced challenges moving to virtual (no patient touchpoint) HSTs. We work with some of the most patient-focused, clinician-led HST partners in the country. We can connect you if you’re interested.

Full article on Sleep Review survey here

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