Get Started with EnsoSleep

1. Complete the form

Let us know you’re interested and we’ll set up a meeting to get you started.

2. Thirty minute meeting

After you complete the form one of our sleep AI experts will be in touch to set up a thirty minute online consultative meeting.


During this meeting you’ll talk about what EnsoSleep will enable in your organization. You’ll also get a great summary document with results of the consultation to keep!

3. One month free trial

After the consult, we can set up the next steps to get you going on your free trial! There are a few things to complete, the below listed steps should take about 30 minutes each.

  • Coordinate an install time with your IT representative
  • Conduct a live training session with a clinical application specialist
  • Schedule a project planning meeting outlining: key stakeholders, trial KPI’s, workflow, etc.