Using AI to Predict Future CPAP Adherence and the Impact of Behavioral and Technical Interventions

William Hevener, RPSGT1, Bretton Beine, BA, RPSGT1, John Woodruff1, Dominic Munafo, MD1, Chris Fernandez, MS2, Sam Rusk, BS2, Yoav Nygate, MS2, Nick Glattard, MS2, David Piper, BS2, Connor Sheedy, BS2, Matt Simpson, BS2, Fred Turkington, BS2, Mehdi Shokoueinejad, PhD3

1 Sleep Data Diagnostics, San Diego, CA, USA ,2 EnsoData Research, EnsoData, Madison, WI, USA, 3 Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA