Big Data and Advanced Algorithms

for Frontline Clinicians

Disease processes manifest over different timescales. Our software can find them.

Whether looking for heart rhythm irregularities over seconds, glycemic index dynamics over minutes, sleep disordered breathing patterns over hours, or indicators to preempt heart decompensation over days, todays health decisions are powered by data.

At EnsoData, we're creating smarter software to unlock the vast wealth of clinical expertise lying dormant in archived data. Using these data as examples, we enable computers to perform complex and time consuming data interpretation previously left to clinicians.

Our mission is to harness data to make healthcare more accurate, efficient, and affordable.

We specialize in the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand disease patterns in temporal health data.

Diagnostic Lab Data

Process results from routine clinic and lab tests faster.

Home Health Data

Monitor chronic disease progression at population scale.

ICU Data Streams

Automated screening for physiological abnormalities.

Connected Devices

Stratify at-risk patients and optimize treatments.

Let's Collaborate!

We are always looking for fresh perspectives, problems, collaborations, and applications.

We believe in the importance of peer reviewed research, and we are committed to collaborating with academic health institutions and publishing the results of our work.

We would love to talk to you, to learn about your problems or opportunities, and to see how our team and technology can help.