A Vision for Waveform AI

We believe that Waveform AI can help the healthcare system in so many ways, and we’re building a platform to empower clinicians with useful information and support across the care continuum. “It takes a village” to transform healthcare, and to contribute to advancing the field, we’re publishing peer-reviewed AI research to show where and how AI will benefit every step of the patient care journey:

  • Identify

    Help providers identify patients with a high risk for sleep apnea using data from EMR, waveforms, wearables, and a multitude of sources and refer patients for diagnosis.

  • Prioritize

    Use data to help providers identify the most critical patients in the massive undiagnosed population by stratifying patients by risk for adverse outcomes and potential costs.

  • Diagnose

    Help clinicians bring patients through the diagnostic process and get more patients treated more quickly by optimizing efficiency, cost, and quality of sleep apnea diagnosis.

  • Treat

    Help clinicians and patients find the right treatments by helping them to understand subtypes of sleep apnea and the associated treatments and alternatives.

  • Manage

    Aid patients and clinicians in maintaining adherence and effectiveness of CPAP therapy with Active Learning.

Our Technology in Other Specialties

Waveforms are used everywhere in healthcare to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients across nearly every specialty of medicine. We are working to change the future of healthcare with Waveform AI – here are some of the next applications we’re building to make this a reality


  • Long, complex EEG studies for epilepsy and neurologic disorders
  • Time-consuming review and shortage of neurologists and technologists
  • Opportunity to increase patient access and reduce the length of the patient care journey for neurology services


  • A largely underdiagnosed population with complex comorbidities and expensive care
  • Significant comorbidity between sleep apnea and CHF, arrhythmia, and hypertension
  • Opportunity to detect and diagnose sleep apnea earlier to manage outcomes at a more affordable cost


  • Predictive monitoring information for critical care clinicians
  • Provide NeuroICU capabilities including monitoring and analysis of vitals, seizure, sleep, and anesthesia
  • Detect neurologic disorders, sleep disorders, and other conditions that impact length-of-stay and outcomes
The World Health Organization estimates a shortage of
physicians, nurses and other health professionals. This means
of the world lacks access to essential health services.

We believe Waveform AI technology is critical to scale healthcare and provide global access to tier-1 quality of care at an affordable cost.

More than a mission, this is a movement – and we want you to be a part of it too. Reach out to us to get involved, and let’s make healthcare better together.

Want to see our platform in action?

Our first product, EnsoSleep, is being used by sleep centers around the US to improve their ability to score sleep studies.