Wake Up to Sleep Apnea

Members with untreated sleep apnea are 2x more expensive than those who are successfully treated.

EnsoData, the leader in Al/ML for sleep, combines our technology with best-in-class care service partners to help payers and at-risk providers dramatically improve sleep apnea treatment success.

Did you know?

Sleep apnea is prevalent in 3 of 4 people with healthcare’s most common and expensive conditions. Untreated sleep apnea diminishes the impact of ANY intervention to improve outcomes for this population.

Sleep Apnea Prevalence in Common Comorbidities

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Powering the First Truly Member-Focused Sleep Apnea Care Pathway

As the leader in FDA-cleared AI technology for sleep medicine, EnsoData built the largest sleep AI database in the world, and supports >25,000 new exams each month.

Our intelligent solutions accurately predict member risk profiles and compliance trends, empowering our clinicians to deliver highly personalize therapy coaching & guidance.

We recommend new health plan partners start with EnsoTherapy, our innovative, AI-driven continuous remote care intervention for complex and high-cost patients diagnosed with comorbid sleep apnea. It’s quick and easy to setup (we do the heavy lifting!), and for a limited time we will guarantee your results (ROI) or refund your program costs!

We don’t just address treatment adherence issues, we PREDICT and PREVENT them!

2x ROI Guarantee*

We know how impactful our program will be for you, so weʼre willing to stake the ENTIRE cost of our pilot program on generating a minimum 2x return on your investment.

People who sleep better, feel better and make healthier choices. Payers around the country are realizing that in addition to these quality of life benefits, treating sleep apnea has a profound impact on total PMPM spend. Sleep apnea exacerbates glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, hypertension (and much more) and treating sleep apnea is proven to reduce costs related to medications, doctor visits, and acute care episodes often related to comorbid chronic conditions.

Are you skeptical about the independent contribution of sleep apnea on PMPM spend in your membership (or the fact that <10% of your sleep apnea population is properly treated today)? Then this risk-free pilot program is a no-brainer. Let us show you what a difference well-treated sleep apnea has on your bottom line.

Continuous Remote Care Program

  • Monthly KPI tracking and results measures
  • Risk-based structure delivers PMPM reduction in Yr 1
*Limited time offer available for qualified health plans and at-risk providers. Inclusive of KPI tracking, reporting and joint marketing of program success
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EnsoData Highlights

  • 2 FDA clearances for AI technology
  • 200k+ diagnosed patients 
  • 500+ client locations
  • 25k+ new monthly patient evaluations 
  • 20+ AI research publications

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