What Would You Do with More Time?

Discover the Possibilities with Sleep Study Scoring Automation that Works

Consistent, reliable, automated sleep test scoring provides more time for the goals and activities of your staff, your sleep center, and your life outside the office.

EnsoSleep is an FDA cleared Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution that automates the scoring of studies and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring by 50%.

What would you do with

% more time?
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  • Cover staff outages

  • Improve scoring consistency

  • Eliminate your backlog

  • Screen more patients

  • Add locations

  • Provide patient education

  • Focus on treatment success

  • Build your referral network

  • Minimize outsourcing

  • Expand HSAT program

  • Empower your team

  • Leave the office on time

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How EnsoData Focuses on Security

Authentication Controls

Two factor authentication

Expiring token authentication

Authorization Controls

Layered authorization model

Data access restrictions

Cryptographic Controls

At-rest encryption

In-transit encryption

Cryptographic hashing of checksum data

Cryptographic hashed password authentication

Access Controls

Content-security-policy (CSP)

Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) tokens

HTTP strict transport security (HSTS)

Default delivery of
de-identified data