Sleep Study Management

Personalized Clinician Study Management

Simplify and improve the sleep testing, diagnosis and treatment workflow for sleep clinicians and sleep labs with one solution for sleep study viewing, editing, and reporting. 

Watch the video to discover the seamless workflow of EnsoSleep cloud-based sleep study management.   

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Experience Simplified Clinician Workflow

  • Seamless study review, editing, and reporting process accelerates the patient care journey

  • All studies available in one platform, regardless of software or devices

  • Automated emails to physicians include direct links to studies for review

  • Customize notification cadences to align with physician preferences

Manage All Sleep Studies in the Cloud

  • Sleep studies are centralized across all sleep lab locations, in one platform

  • Remotely access sleep studies without a VPN on any computer, tablet, or device with a web browser

  • Securely access diagnostic data from all leading PSG and HSAT devices, regardless of the manufacturer

  • Eliminate downloading and uploading of studies

Discover Dynamic Reports for All Devices

  • One consistent report for physicians regardless of diagnostic device

  • Report text generation is automatic from the sleep study

  • Physician changes and edits are immediate and dynamic, pulling updated information into reports in real time

  • Actionable email reminders to physicians improve the patient care follow-up journey

Explore Personalized Clinician Study Management for Your Lab

Discover how EnsoSleep sleep study management provides clinicians with access to ALL studies and devices, across ALL locations, for ALL clinicians, in one interoperable, cloud-based platform.

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EnsoSleep FDA-cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution  automates the scoring of studies, and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring PSGs and HSATs. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care, improve outcomes and treat more patients.

EnsoSleep produces an accurate Total Sleep Time (TST) for HSAT devices that do not calculate a measurement of sleep time. Including TST results in improved diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients and potential increased reimbursement.

Support the entire sleep lab team and improve the in-lab patient experience by providing scoring summary data just minutes after live sleep study recording. EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring optimizes the sleep lab workflow for split-night criteria, optimal titration pressure, or diagnostic on-the-fly scoring.