Transforming Sleep Medicine with Waveform AI

Waveforms are used everywhere in healthcare to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients across nearly every specialty. We are working to improve the accuracy, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare with our Waveform AI technology.

Starting with Sleep

Sleep is at the center of human health. It is when the body recovers, repairs, and restores. At an average of 7 hours, sleep studies are the longest medical examination and the only one conducted when the body is fully at rest. These studies monitor every major body organ and function using EEG, EKG, Pulse Ox, EMG, EOG, Airflow, Respiratory Effort, Actigraphy, and Treatment Signals.

Today we are focused on the 54 million Americans and 936 million global patients believed to suffer from Sleep Apnea. Approximately 80% of these cases are undiagnosed. Our technology supports clinicians across the care continuum.

Help providers identify patients with a high risk for sleep apnea using data from EMR, waveforms, wearables, and a multitude of sources and refer patients for diagnosis.

Use data to help providers identify the most critical patients in the massive undiagnosed population by stratifying patients by risk for adverse outcomes and potential costs.

Help clinicians bring patients through the diagnostic process and get more patients treated more quickly by optimizing efficiency, cost, and quality of sleep apnea diagnosis.

Help clinicians and patients find the right treatments by helping them to understand subtypes of sleep apnea and the associated treatments and alternatives.

Aid patients and clinicians in maintaining adherence and effectiveness of CPAP therapy with Active Learning.