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When is the Right Time to Add EnsoSleep?

Reducing time spent scoring sleep studies

Improving efficiency and turnaround times

Earning Physician buy-in for EnsoSleep

Customers on the Speed and Accuracy of AI Scoring

Steve Budzinski, RPSGT, Sleep Associates of Connecticut

The accuracy of EnsoSleep AI scoring is pretty incredible, actually. I don’t have to make many changes to studies, and we are able to get studies reviewed more quickly and efficiently for the patients.

Steve Glinka, Director of Clinical Operations, MedBridge Healthcare

EnsoSleep is a great support tool for the clinicians. It really speeds up the technologist scoring process. We simply run the sleep studies through EnsoSleep to have the AI partially score them before being reviewed by a registered technologist, creating time for our most valuable and expert asset to do other important duties. We greatly appreciate that this is AI assisted vs. auto-scoring technology. EnsoSleep significantly reduces the time needed to score a HSAT, enabling up our technologists to spend more time on patient care.

Rick Keiluhn, Clinical Support Manager, Persante Sleep Care

The EnsoData team made the integration of their software very easy. The software is capable of attaching to a small 2 bed lab or a 70 lab cloud-based infrastructure. The AI Scoring is the most accurate of the scoring software in my opinion.

Nam Tran, Sleep Center Director, Vytalus Medical Group

EnsoSleep is a reliable tool to save time for sleep technologists who score and stage sleep studies. I am very pleased with EnsoData team.

Michael McKenzie, Sleep Lab Manager, Oklahoma Sleep Associates

The scoring is unbelievably accurate and couple that with the cost and the question is why wouldn’t you use this service.

Michael Cowen, CEO and Co-Founder, Awaken2Sleep

EnsoSleep is a simple, automated system that adds accuracy as well as beautiful reports that are easily updated and customized based on our organizational preferences.

Mia Hinton, Director of Sleep Services, Apneacare

This is a huge time saver and helps to offset labor costs. The time in scoring has significantly decreased as it is a quick overscore that usually just requires a few changes vs scoring of each event manually.

John Hickok, RPSGT, CEO, iSleep Home Sleep Solutions

We’ve experienced significant time savings with EnsoSleep. On average, our scorers spent about 30-35 minutes and scoring and report generation. That has been reduced to around 6 minutes with EnsoSleep. On average we are saving 80 to 100 man hours per month, which translates into a cost savings of thousands of dollars per month.

Brenton Urick, Project Manager, iSleep Home Sleep Solutions

Before we switched to EnsoSleep, it would take John around 30 minutes to score a home sleep apnea test. With EnsoSleep, it’s about 6 minutes. He’s simply saving so much time so he can focus on business development, customer service, and growing the business.

Dr. Thomas Stern, MD, Physician/Owner – Advanced Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

After seeing EnsoData scoring for the first time: “I’ve been waiting for something like this for 20 years… Looking forward to saving some time this weekend.”

Laura Linley, CRT, RPSGT, FAAST, Co-Founder and VP of Clinical Operations

Shifting our scoring team’s mindset from ‘me versus AI’ to ‘how can this AI make my life easier’ was important. AI can’t replace the mental property and clinical expertise of the overscorer. That’s where specific clinical understanding and in-depth conversations helped validate AI.

Susan Smith, Sleep Clinical Director – Sleep Management Services

EnsoSleep AI scoring changed the way our night techs think about their work. Utilizing EnsoSleep allowed more time for experienced scoring staff to work one on one with night staff to address any recording quality issues. Embrace technology and change. If you are standing still, you are not growing.

Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD, CMO, Medical Director – Synaptrx Sleep

I think that automated scoring, using artificial intelligence, really is the future. Compared to human scoring, it is much more reliable, reproducible, and scalable. As things get more and more accurate, I really believe that AI scoring is where sleep medicine goes. And by accurate, I mean the scoring results are reproducible at scale and over time. There is far less variability from one scored study to the next, because the algorithm is applied equally across the board. While cost wasn’t my biggest concern, I have observed savings on a per study basis. Ballpark estimate, we’re saving around 66% per HSAT, but as I said, that wasn’t the driving force. The biggest benefit is the simplified workflow and consistency of the scoring results.

Mike Gold, CEO – C2 Wellness

We’re probably the best testimonial you will find, because we were highly efficient prior to meeting the EnsoData team. We’ve scratched our heads in the past about whether an AI could in fact turn into an economic winner for us, and as we’ve gone down that path with EnsoSleep, it’s been a successful run so far.

Josh Spangler, RPSGT – Sleep Management Services

EnsoSleep has very accurate scoring. I feel like it has improved every phase of the implementation. EnsoSleep is consistent, and there are few outliers.

Customers on the Powerful Impact of Study Management

Laura Linley, CRT, RPSGT, FAAST, Co-Founder and VP of Clinical Operations – Advanced Sleep Management

The diagnostic sleep story is what goes into the final report. EnsoSleep cuts the time in half for report preparation and it is vital to consistent scoring and reaching our volume goals.

Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD, CMO, Medical Director – Synaptrx Sleep

While we still use the same device and study, instead of outsourcing the scoring, data is uploaded into the EnsoSleep system, and 10 minutes later, I have a report to view. So now, patients come in, give us the HSAT, and by the time we get into the meeting, I have their data to analyze, cutting down on patient inconvenience and the cost of scoring the studies at the same time.

Brenton Urick, Project Manager, iSleep Home Sleep Solutions

We’re using the EnsoSleep AI to streamline our workflow, score studies and tests, and make the process much quicker all around.

Amy Korwin, MD – Sleep Associates of Connecticut

Access to one cloud-based platform for all studies and reports improved the patient testing and diagnostic workflow, and resulted in the sleep lab running more smoothly.

Amber Haas R.EEG/EP.T, RPSGT, Supervisor of NeuroDiagnostics and Sleep, Sanford Health Bismarck Sleep Disorder Center

I’m required to be on the hospital floor during the day to do EEGs. I needed to free up time so I could do more HSATs during the day and also keep up on all the quality reports. We are dual accredited, so I have to manage all that too. So, I mainly needed time.

Michael Cowen, CEO and Co-Founder, Awaken2Sleep

It is very valuable to have all the sleep studies in one standardized format. EnsoSleep makes beautiful, customizable reports that work for all our devices and make it easy to share results with patients.

Dr. James Herdegen, MD, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Physician – Rush University Medical Center

When we finally said we were ready, EnsoData stepped up and worked through the implementation efficiently. They communicated directly with our IT team to make sure studies could be transferred to a central location for scoring and that we’d be able to remotely access studies for both labs.

Customers on the Impact EnsoSleep has on the Sleep Lab Workflow

Susan Smith, Sleep Clinical Director, Sleep Management Services

I did not think that there was a scoring software out there that could assist our scoring team like the AI technology in EnsoSleep has done. With EnsoSleep, our techs can focus 100% on monitoring patients, going in and changing leads, and ultimately, monitoring and providing support on therapy.

Susan M. Prenda, CRT, CRT-SDS, Chief Operations Officer, Epoch Sleep Centers

With EnsoSleep, we have been more efficient in our turnaround time for testing and results.

Steve Glinka, RPSGT, Director of Clinical Operations, Medbridge

EnsoSleep does exactly what it’s supposed to do efficiently and effectively. It allows our staff to focus on other important (and often interpersonal) work that helps our patients and clients. EnsoSleep has freed up our scoring day staff to do more things that benefit the company as a whole, whether that be providing more patient outreach and engagement, improving outcomes, supporting client relations, or making sure our partners’ needs are being met.

John Hickok, RPSGT, CEO, iSleep Home Sleep Solutions

Both speed and quality are of great importance to us, our clients, and our patients. With Enso, we don’t have to compromise on either; Enso is extremely fast and accurate. That allows our staff to focus on providing the highest level of care. The Enso scoring process has allowed us to reduce our overhead and utilize our staff in a more efficient capacity.

Dr. James Herdegen, MD, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Physician – Rush University Medical Center

Every single week we were playing catch-up and we were not making up any ground. Now with EnsoSleep prescoring the studies, we’re cutting into our backlog, and our patients have much shorter wait times for results. It’s a win-win.

Brenton Urick, Project Manager, iSleep Home Sleep Solutions

The two biggest ways EnsoSleep has helped our team are time and cost, really. Because John has the time back from scoring all the tests, he can really focus on everything else: from new lines of business, to getting more partnering customers, to making sure we’re following proper procedures. In general, he’s much more available to handle the day-to-day operations of the business.

Andrew Moreno, Clinical Manager, Apnix

EnsoData’s AI system integrates with our compumedics system with ease. It constantly scores studies within a 95% margin. Best part about EnsoSleep AI scoring is that we can get all studies scored and generated in a matter of hours. This helps the turn around time from the sleep study to results to the physician in a matter of 24- 32 hours.

Amber Haas R.EEG/EP.T, RPSGT, Supervisor of NeuroDiagnostics and Sleep, Sanford Health Bismarck Sleep Disorder Center

EnsoSleep makes my techs feel more secure knowing that if they have a really tough patient, they can give them all their time, because the other patient will be scored for them the next day [by EnsoSleep]. So they can really just focus on the patients that are ASV titrations or become very complex during treatment.

Steve Budzinski, RPSGT – Sleep Associates of Connecticut

Once we added EnsoSleep, the process ran more smoothly and all of our workflow challenges went away. Being able to look at the studies in the study management platform, and not having to manually transfer studies has been one of the most impactful parts of adding EnsoSleep.

Amy Korwin, MD – Sleep Associates of Connecticut

The EnsoSleep software directly impacts our scoring process. With the AI prescoring our PSG and HSAT studies, the time techs spend on study analysis is much lower, opening the door for patient education opportunities.

Dr. Dennis Hwang, MD, Medical Director – Kaiser Permanente SBC Sleep Medicine

EnsoData is a good partner and their AI, EnsoSleep, helps our sleep lab run more effectively.

Laura Linley, CRT, RPSGT, FAAST, Co-Founder and VP of Clinical Operations – Advanced Sleep Management

EnsoSleep gave us the ability to leverage a core team of scorers, allowing us to control the quality of the reporting. My 40 physicians no longer complain about inconsistencies. If you’re concerned with efficiency and quality, EnsoSleep is the answer.

Robin Parr, Sleep Lab Manager – St. Joseph Health

Our Sleep Navigation Program will streamline our preoperative screening process and simultaneously increase volume for our outpatient sleep center. This program will ultimately enable us to expand patient care and provide more holistic treatment and education to a population of patients that can now benefit from ongoing sleep care treatment and improved quality of life.

John Childers, RRT, RPSGT, Sleep Center Supervisor – St. Joseph Health

EnsoSleep AI scoring frees up time for us to enhance patient care, develop new programs, build relationships with our referring network of physicians, and improve quality reporting initiatives.

John Donaghue, COO and CFO – C2 Wellness

We’re very satisfied with the results we’ve seen with EnsoData and we feel we’re going to be more efficient and more cost-effective as a result. At the end of the day, we’re talking about how artificial intelligence provides a service that can have a tremendous impact on our ability to grow as an organization.

Bretton Beine Lane, RPSGT, President – Sleep Data

EnsoSleep has decreased our costs, decreased our processing time, improved sleep physician buy-in regarding the accuracy of sleep reports, and increased the scalability of our business model.

Eduardo Licon, RPSGT – Sleep Tight Diagnostic Center

[EnsoSleep] works out well for us. If your lab is a busy lab like ours it is very much worth it. It frees up a lot of time which allows me to concentrate on other things.

Support Staff, Improve Patient Experiences, and Grow Your Sleep Center

Don’t just take our customers’ words for it. See for yourself how EnsoSleep gives clinicians more opportunities to focus on patient care, compliance, and growth activities by:

  • Automating event detection

  • Providing consistent and reliable scoring of sleep studies, ready for clinician review

  • Reducing time spent scoring, reviewing, editing, and reporting for clinicians

Simply fill out our form and a team member will reach out to schedule a 30-minute online consultative meeting and demo at your convenience. During the meeting, we’ll discuss the unique needs of your clinic and demonstrate the EnsoSleep workflow.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at team@ensodata.com.

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When is the Right Time to Add EnsoSleep?

How EnsoSleep is Different than Autoscoring?

Reducing time spent scoring sleep studies

Valuing the EnsoSleep implementation team

Overcoming challenges during implementation

Improving efficiency and turnaround times

Earning Physician buy-in for EnsoSleep