Realtime Scoring

Improve the Quality and Speed of Sleep Test Acquisition, Split, and Titration

Support your entire sleep lab team and improve the in-lab patient experience with EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring. 

By providing scoring events and summary data just minutes after live sleep study recording, EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring optimizes the sleep lab workflow for split-night criteria, optimal titration pressure, or diagnostic on-the-fly scoring.

Realtime Scoring Audio and Visual Advice Alerts when Patients Reach the Split Criteria.

Improve the Quality of Sleep Test Acquisition, Split, and Titration

Realtime Scoring allows techs to be more engaged with the patient taking the sleep test, ensuring leads stay on, and troubleshooting bad signals without worrying about falling behind in scoring. Live staging and respiratory event scoring let the night tech review and edit the EnsoSleep AI Scoring while its running and produce a report ready for physician review in the morning.

Night techs enter the split criteria for the individual patient, or use the sleep lab’s default policy. Automated visual and audio alerts notify techs when a patient reaches the split criteria, ensuring an accurate split and reducing the likelihood of bringing the patient back in for another split-night test.

When titration events are detected, the sleep study view switches from an all-night summary to a titration table so techs have the summary information they need to confidently make pressure or other therapy adjustments.

Efficient Study Review and Physician Interpretation Workflow

With EnsoSleep scoring in-lab studies, all night techs start from the same EnsoSleep scored study baseline, reduing variation between night techs of different experience levels in the final scoring and reports sent to physicians. See the efficient EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring, editing, review, and interpretation workflow:

Improve the Quality and Speed of In-Lab Patient Care

Support your entire sleep lab team and improve the in-lab patient experience with EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring.

Reach out to us today to have a conversation on how our Realtime Scoring solution optimizes your in-lab sleep study workflow to help achieve quality test acquisition and prompt sleep study review, interpretation, diagnosis, and treatment. 

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Simplify and improve the sleep testing, diagnosis and treatment workflow for sleep clinicians and sleep labs with one cloud-based solution for sleep study viewing, editing, and reporting.

EnsoSleep FDA cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution that automates the scoring of studies, and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring PSGs and HSATs. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care, improve outcomes and treat more patients.

EnsoSleep produces an accurate Total Sleep Time (TST) for HSAT devices that do not calculate a measurement of sleep time. Including TST results in improved diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients and potential increased reimbursement.