Sleep Study Scoring Automation that Works

EnsoSleep is an FDA cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution that automates the scoring of studies, and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care, improve outcomes and treat more patients.

Watch our video to see how EnsoSleep seamlessly fits into your existing sleep center workflow.


More Time for Patient Care

AI-assisted scoring and analysis designed to help clinics increase patient access to the highest quality care and an exceptional patient experience at the lowest possible cost.

  • Empowering sleep technologists with AI scoring and analysis

  • More time for mask fittings, daytime studies, desensitizations, and other revenue generating procedures

  • Standardize data acquisition and scoring quality across multiple lab locations

  • Grow your monthly HSAT volume with more time for HSAT setups, reviews, and patient consults

  • Additional time to review compliance data and conduct patient outreach

  • Increase in-lab volume from HSATs and PAP compliance follow-ups

  • Eliminate scoring and procedure backlogs

  • Focus on patient care, coaching, and education to deliver VIP patient experience

  • Increase patient throughput and gain access to the massive undiagnosed OSA population

AI Scoring Fits Seamlessly Into Your Workflow

Compatible with the leading software and devices, EnsoSleep is easy to implement at your sleep lab. Functioning in the background, AI Scoring provides your sleep team with a completely scored sleep study without changing their current workflow more than a few clicks. Instead of scoring a study from scratch, RPSGTs review the scored study in your current software and make any necessary changes and scoring updates before presenting the final study to the physician.

Watch our video to see how EnsoSleep seamlessly fits into your existing sleep center workflow.


Improve Patient Experiences and Grow Your Sleep Center

Discover how EnsoSleep AI scoring and analysis gives clinicians more opportunities to focus on patient care, compliance and growth activities by:

  • Automating event detection

  • Providing consistent and reliable scoring of sleep studies, ready for clinician review

  • Reducing time spend scoring sleep studies

Simply fill out our form and a team member will reach out to schedule an online demo at your convenience. During the meeting, we’ll discuss the unique needs of your clinic and demonstrate how EnsoSleep fits into your current workflow.


Integrations & Security

Seamless Integrations

EnsoSleep is compatible with the leading sleep medicine devices and supports sleep centers in choosing the devices that fulfill the needs of their organization and patient population. 


EnsoData supports sleep centers securely and effectively by prioritizing data confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

EnsoSleep Receives Expanded FDA Clearance for Pediatrics, EnsoViewer, Total Sleep Time (EnsoTST)

EnsoTST is novel, FDA cleared, PPG-Based Sleep Staging and Respiratory Rate that enables measurement of Total Sleep Time through more commonly available data found in HSATs, and results in more diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients.

EnsoViewer is a sleep study reviewing, editing, and reporting tool cleared by the FDA in 2021. Sleep professionals can use EnsoViewer to access all their studies for all their devices, across all locations, in one easy-to-use, interoperable, cloud-based platform.

EnsoSleep Resources

Discover how EnsoSleep with EnsoTST provides clinicians with more opportunities to focus on patients, and improve the overall quality of care, diagnosis, and treatment for the HSAT environment.

Read our EnsoSleep Performance Reference Document, which includes the results of our clinical validation studies.

How EnsoData Focuses on Security

Authentication Controls

Two factor authentication

Expiring token authentication

Authorization Controls

Layered authorization model

Data access restrictions

Cryptographic Controls

At-rest encryption

In-transit encryption

Cryptographic hashing of checksum data

Cryptographic hashed password authentication

Access Controls

Content-security-policy (CSP)

Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) tokens

HTTP strict transport security (HSTS)

Default delivery of
de-identified data