How Can AI Support Sleep Physicians?

Automated sleep scoring has long been the holy grail, a goal deemed unattainable by many physicians for a variety of reasons: inconsistencies, inability to save time, inaccurate data, low confidence in results, and more. 

EnsoSleep is here to change that notion by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Cleared by the FDA, EnsoSleep automates event detection in a matter of minutes, providing consistent and reliable results for physicians.

This eBook highlights several ways EnsoSleep can help physicians working with sleep centers. For physicians in any care environment, as well as those sleep professionals that are simply curious to learn how an AI-assisted scoring solution can improve your day to day operations and patient interactions, here are seven reasons to consider EnsoSleep for your clinic:

  1. Expedite the turnaround times for patient data
  2. Catch important, sometimes overlooked signals
  3. Improve consistency of central apnea scoring and therapeutic follow-up
  4. View, edit, and generate reports for all your devices from one platform
  5. Reduce variability between scorers
  6. Increase confidence in HSAT results with Total Sleep Time
  7. Create more time for pediatric care

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EnsoSleep Accelerates Patient Testing and Physician Diagnosis

Sleep labs using EnsoSleep save an average of 56% time scoring PSGs and 67% time scoring HSATs. Faster turnaround for sleep tests and study results speeds up the diagnosis and treatment process for physicians and patients.

EnsoSleep is FDA cleared PSG and HSAT scoring and study management that optimizes the sleep lab workflow. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), EnsoSleep provides clinicians with one cloud-based platform for viewing, scoring, editing, and reporting of sleep studies.