Total Sleep Time for HSATs

Confidence in HSAT Results

EnsoSleep produces an accurate total sleep time (TST) for HSAT devices that do not calculate a measurement of sleep time. An accurate TST helps physicians identify where patients fall in the four AHI severity groups and may allow the use of CPT® code 95800, which can provide increased reimbursement.

The Economic and Clinical Impact of Total Sleep Time (TST)

EnsoSleep uses PPG and respiratory channels to calculate TST in home tests, improving confidence in results and diagnosis for both clinicians and patients. Cleared by the FDA in 2021, EnsoSleep’s TST demonstrated 90% overall agreement compared to ⅔ majority manually scored EEG-based staging and total sleep time.

An accurate TST leads to a more precise calculation of the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) so physicians can identify the best treatment plan for every patient.

Increase Reimbursements

HSATs that include a calculation of total sleep time may allow for billing of code 95800. The 2022 average national reimbursement payment for sleep tests billed using CPT® code 95800 is $66.54 more per test than 95806.* For more information regarding billing and coding for HSATs, reference EnsoData’s HSAT and Total Sleep Time Billing and Coding Guide  or check with your payer.

Continuity of Devices

EnsoSleep is compatible with the airflow devices sleep centers own, and include the familiar signals sleep professionals trust.

Interoperable with all devices, EnsoSleep TST reduces the variability of HSATs, standardizes study scoring results, and leads to improved diagnosis and confidence among physicians.

Diagnose and Treat More Patients

In a 17,228 patient study,** EnsoSleep’s Wake/Sleep analysis provided a difference in AHI calculation, and many patients shifted from one severity group to another.

When EnsoSleep’s TST analysis was added, 12.4% of patients whose tests without TST resulted in an inconclusive diagnosis were determined to have mild OSA. This allowed patients an opportunity to receive a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Improve Quality of Patient Care in the HSAT Environment

EnsoSleep provides clinicians with a reliable measurement of sleep time for patients in the HSAT environment. Consistent sleep scoring with TST helps physicians provide an accurate diagnosis and improved treatment pathway for patients, and may lead to increased reimbursements for organizations.

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*CPT® code requirements may vary by payer for unattended home sleep studies. Check with your payer to ensure appropriate coding on your claim form.

** Read more about this research here

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Simplify and improve the sleep study testing, diagnosis and treatment workflow for sleep clinicians and sleep labs with one cloud-based solution for sleep study viewing, editing, and reporting.

EnsoSleep FDA-cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution  automates the scoring of studies, and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring PSGs and HSATs. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care, improve outcomes and treat more patients. 

Support the entire sleep team and improve the in-lab patient experience by providing scoring summary data just minutes after live sleep study recording. EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring optimizes the sleep lab workflow for split-night criteria, optimal titration pressure, or diagnostic on-the-fly scoring.

Accelerate the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing with accurate, cost-effective, AI-driven analysis of photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals captured by pulse oximeters.