What is EnsoSleep and what makes AI Scoring different?

EnsoSleep is an AI scoring and analysis solution that automates event detection, providing consistent and reliable scoring of sleep studies, in a matter of minutes, ready for a clinician’s review.

As an artificial intelligence (AI) solution in medicine, we’re often asked a lot of general questions about our AI Scoring software, and how it works. Some folks ask about our AI’s capabilities: how fast is it? Is it consistent? What does it actually do? How does it work? Many in the sleep industry wonder what’s different between the autoscoring products they’ve seen before and our EnsoSleep AI Scoring. To answer these questions, we compiled an AI Scoring FAQ with the most common questions we hear from sleep professionals interested in our AI technology

What is AI?  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the general field of study at the intersection of statistics, software development and theoretical computer science. AI developers ideate different applicable algorithmic approaches using large data sets to create machines with a certain level of intelligence. 

AI is often thought of as a robot, but a calculator, a scheduling assistant, an electric thermostat, and even your old Tamagotchi could be considered basic AI. The goal of many AI technologies is to solve problems the same way humans might, but with more accuracy and efficiency. 

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine Learning (ML) refers to a collection of methods that enable an algorithm to execute specific tasks without being explicitly programmed. This is achieved by the algorithm reading and taking advantage of previously observed data by establishing connections and correlations in the data. 

Through a training process, a machine learning algorithm learns relationships within the observed data in order to make predictions on newly collected data. The algorithm itself isn’t changing, but rather, more data leads to more fine-tuned predictions over time. As a result, an ML-powered algorithm will continue to improve over time. 

In sleep medicine, this learning helps better pinpoint the signals and events most tied to uncommon sleep disorders and patterns. AI and ML algorithms can often more efficiently detect these underlying patterns, as they analyze the complete set of data, rather than a single epoch or a small group of epochs at a time. In this way, EnsoSleep is supporting clinicians on the hardest of patient diagnoses. 

How can AI help the field of Sleep Medicine? 

In a world in which 80% of sleep apnea patients have yet to find out that they are suffering from the condition, the field of sleep medicine must choose to adopt necessary technology to speed up the process. EnsoSleep is a sleep scoring Waveform AI software designed to fill that immense need. 

What is Waveform AI?

Waveforms are used in healthcare to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients. The electric signal pulsing up and down on the monitor next to a patient’s bed is waveform data. Heartbeats on an EKG, eye movements through an EOG, and brain waves through an EEG all output as waveform data, with over 1.5 billion waveforms run per year globally across specialties. 

EnsoData created an AI algorithm that specifically reads and interprets these waveforms, starting with the waveforms commonly collected during PSG and HSAT sleep studies. This waveform AI algorithm is FDA-cleared and is built on over 900,000 clinical sleep studies, with more than a trillion of data points. With this data, and the machine learning functionality, we’ve been able to create an accurate AI solution for sleep staging and respiratory event detection: EnsoSleep. 

What is AI Sleep Scoring?

AI Sleep Scoring is the automated event detection and analysis of PSG or HSAT data performed by AI Scoring software, like EnsoSleep. The AI does this by analyzing the waveform data of sleep tests and providing an AI scored study for a registered clinician to review. 

For clinicians with multiple locations, consistency can be difficult to attain, but with AI Scoring, your team has a tool to leverage for improved inter-scorer reliability. 

What is EnsoSleep?

EnsoSleep is an AI Scoring software solution that automates sleep event detection for patients ages 13 and up. AI scored sleep studies are ready for a clinician’s overview and a discussion with a patient in about 15 minutes. 

EnsoSleep boasts an 86.6% sleep staging agreement and 94.9% overall agreement for sleep disordered breathing events, based on 81,805 epochs, across 100 adult PSGs, while also exceeding 93% overall diagnostic AHI agreement in the same sample. 

How effective is AI Scoring? 

People also ask, how consistent is AI? How accurate is it? Our EnsoSleep AI Scoring requires a clinician’s review, and during those reviews we consistently agree with the overscorers at an average rate of 90 percent, with some clinicians agreeing at higher rates. 

Is the AI Scoring FDA cleared? 

The FDA initially cleared EnsoSleep in 2017. This early clearance was also one of the earliest AI-based devices in medicine, earning accolades in the Benjamens, et. al. study: “The state of artificial intelligence-based FDA-approved medical devices and algorithms: an online database.”


In June of 2021, EnsoSleep received additional FDA 510 (k) clearance for a number of product enhancements, including new products EnsoTST and EnsoViewer, and additional clearance to treat pediatric patients, ages 13 and up. You can find the latest performance data on our compliance page.

Is EnsoSleep FDA Cleared to score pediatric sleep studies? 

Yes, as of the June 2021 FDA 510 (k) clearance. EnsoSleep automates event detection and scores studies with over 95% clinician diagnostic agreement for pediatric patients with AHI>=5. 

What is the EnsoViewer? 

EnsoViewer is an FDA cleared, web-based, sleep study reviewing, editing, and reporting tool that is optimized for a seamless clinician experience. EnsoViewer provides access to all studies and devices, across all locations, in one easy-to-use, interoperable, cloud-based platform for scoring and physician review. 

What is EnsoTST? 

EnsoTST is a novel, FDA cleared, PPG-Based Sleep Staging and Respiratory Rate that enables measurement of Total Sleep Time through commonly available data found in HSATs, and results in more diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients. EnsoTST provides reduced variability of HSAT testing and diagnosis, because it gives clinicians and physicians a more accurate calculation of the AHI. 

For example: in an 8 hour time span, if you are off by more than 30 minutes on the total sleep time, due to estimations, the AHI of a patient might vary. In some cases, that shift might change the AHI severity level, and thus result in a patient receiving the wrong treatment. With EnsoTST, your sleep lab will find improved quality of care in the HSAT environment, as you work from more accurate data.

How does AI Scoring compare to Legacy Autoscoring? 

AI Scoring varies from legacy autoscoring in a few ways. Traditional legacy autoscoring solutions were built using specific sets of rules. For example, “If X happens, then it must mean that Y is causing it.” When in actuality, there are countless possibilities for each scenario, as you well know. Autoscoring solutions were simply “out-of-the-box” products. They required you to fix mistakes, often causing teams to spend more time correcting errors than they saved in the first place. 

On the other hand, AI Scoring doesn’t follow one set of rules. Instead, EnsoSleep is trained on hundreds of thousands of studies scored by RPSGTs and interpreted by board certified physicians. With the power of machine learning, EnsoSleep is able to identify patterns in the waveforms, and as a result, can accurately score and stage studies for all patients ages 13 and up. 

The algorithm for AI Scoring is complex, and individual settings and mapping changes can drastically improve the performance of the AI. You don’t get the same product out of the box, because each team will integrate differently with the AI Scoring depending on their software and hardware choices. This allows each sleep center to view the AI Scored studies in their preferred format. As a result, it’s easy to say that the EnsoSleep AI Scoring is more sophisticated, consistent, and adaptable than legacy autoscoring solutions.

Can EnsoSleep AI score HSATs?

Yes, EnsoSleep works for home sleep apnea tests (HSATs). In fact, AI Scoring makes at-home testing more scalable and profitable for providers as it simultaneously improves consistency and reduces time spent scoring. 

How fast can an RPSGT review an AI scored PSG test? 

EnsoSleep works behind-the-scenes, integrating with your current PSG viewer. In a matter of minutes after a study is saved in your designated server, EnsoSleep downloads the study, identifies patterns and events for clinical diagnosis, and uploads the scored study to the same cloud folder. For most customers, the scoring clinician will over score the AI Scored study in a fraction of the time it would take to score from scratch. 

How fast can AI score and return a completed HSAT?

Similar to the PSG scoring workflow, EnsoSleep will detect, download the study, identify patterns and events for clinical diagnosis, and upload the scored study to the designated location, so the test results are ready for review before the day scorer arrives for their shift. For all tests, the connection levels on the user end impact speeds, but EnsoSleep can provide a scored HSAT within 15 minutes, including upload, scoring, and download times.

Click on the image above to read a case study of how this was implemented at Synaptrx Sleep, a 4-location sleep clinic. The swift turnaround times provided by EnsoSleep’s AI Scoring significantly improved the patient turnaround times, from weeks to just minutes.

What’s the difference between autoscoring technologies and AI Scoring technology? 

AI Scoring technology is not like the old autoscoring, which was based on algorithms written by programmers to follow “if-this-then-that” rules on an event by event basis. With EnsoSleep AI Scoring, we’re leveraging machine learning and deep learning in our algorithms. We’ve trained our system on hundreds of thousands of studies that were scored by RPSGTs and interpreted by board certified physicians. As a result, the AI Scoring is a much more sophisticated, consistent, and adaptable solution than the other autoscoring solutions. 

How does AI sleep scoring compare to outsourcing sleep study scoring?

Sleep scoring solutions powered by AI drive better turnaround times for understaffed sleep centers. In this case study, see how a 4-location sleep practice reduced patient times from weeks to same-day results: “Leveraging Cutting Edge Sleep scoring AI Saves iSleep Time.”

Does AI provide the sleep staging? 

Yes, our EnsoSleep AI does provide sleep staging. For the latest data referenced in our latest 2021 FDA clearance, check out our white paper. 

What is the sleep apnea scoring criteria for the AI?

Our AI Scoring helps identify many sleep issues, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), periodic limb movements (PLMS) and other sleep disorders that are identified during a PSG or HSAT. Our AI reduces manual sleep analysis time allowing technologists to focus on the parts of the study that can lead to important diagnosis, such as heart arrhythmias or abnormal EEG.

What are the key benefits of AI-enabled scoring?  

The benefits of EnsoSleep’s AI Scoring varies from customer to customer and include:

  • Improved scoring consistency
  • Decreased time spent scoring
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Standardized scoring across locations
  • Reduced expenses
  • Test volume growth
  • Reduced scoring backlogs
  • Enhanced Patient Experience

What do your customers think of your AI Scoring? 

We love our customers and our customers love working with EnsoData! We have a 97% customer retention rate and we’ve scaled to work with more than 400 clinics in the past 2 years. 

Who does EnsoData partner with in the sleep industry? 

EnsoData is working with medical device, wearable, and EMR companies to further streamline integration and adoption of sleep scoring AI amongst the sleep community. For specific partnership queries, send us a message via our contact page. 

And outside of strict partnerships, EnsoData continues to embrace those who want to bring sleep medicine forward, whether that be by hiring amazing, talented people or partnering with forward-thinking organizations. Here are just a few of those collaborations, highlighted by the press below.

What is the cost of your AI Scoring? 

Great question! PSGs start at $16.50 per study, while HSATs start at $8.25 per study. We bill via a monthly subscription package, designed to create economies of scale and improve your margins. Depending on your sleep center’s size and volume, we are happy to work on a package that fits your needs. 

If you’d like to know more about our tiered pricing options, please request a demo with one of our team’s account executives or check out our pricing page. There are also additional costs associated with our EnsoViewer and EnsoTST

How does EnsoSleep fit into a sleep center workflow?

Because EnsoSleep is interoperable with the leading medical software and devices, your workflow will be virtually identical to your current set-up when you add EnsoSleep,  regardless of the device or platform you use! Watch our video now to see how our AI Scoring technology seamlessly fits into your current sleep center workflow. 

Do you have a 2-minute video that demonstrates how EnsoSleep fits into a sleep center workflow?

Yes. EnsoSleep is interoperable with the leading medical software and devices. Watch our video to see how our AI scoring technology seamlessly fits into your current sleep center workflow.  

Do you have additional questions?

Do you have additional questions? We’d love to talk to you! Please contact us directly at team@ensodata.com or simply fill out our form.

If you’d also like a demo of EnsoSleep, check the “I’d like a Demo” box on our form fill. A team member will reach out to schedule a 30-minute online consultative meeting and demo at your convenience. During the meeting, we’ll discuss the unique needs of your clinic and demonstrate how EnsoSleep’s AI scoring fits into your current workflow.

Where else can I learn more about EnsoSleep AI Scoring?

The following resources are helpful for learning more about EnsoData, and our AI scoring solution, EnsoSleep: 

  • Read our EnsoSleep White Paper which provides an overview of our waveform AI scoring solution for sleep clinics. 
  • Peruse our educational sleep webinars. We have a variety of topics designed to provide relevant content to the sleep medicine community. 
  • AI-enabled software has transformed a number of sleep clinics. Download our EnsoSleep case studies to read each story.
  • Want to see our published scientific papers in sleep research? Check out our publications page for articles dating back to our inception in 2015. 

We hope this helps you understand artificial intelligence sleep scoring a bit more, but if we didn’t answer your question, please, let us know what it is in the form above. Thank you.