What is EnsoSleep, and what Differentiates AI Scoring from Auto Scoring?

As an artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare technology company, we are often asked general questions about our AI Scoring software and how it works. Many in the sleep industry wonder how EnsoSleep AI Scoring compares to auto scoring products they have experienced in the past. To answer these questions, we compiled an AI Scoring FAQ with some of the most common questions we hear from sleep professionals interested in our AI technology

What is AI?  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the general field of study at the intersection of statistics, software development and theoretical computer science. AI developers ideate different algorithmic approaches using large data sets to create machines with a certain level of intelligence. 

AI is often thought of as a robot, but a calculator, a scheduling assistant, an electric thermostat, and even your old Tamagotchi could be considered basic AI. The goal of many AI technologies is to solve problems the same way humans might, but faster, and with more consistency and efficiency. 

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI, and refers to a collection of methods that enable an algorithm to execute specific tasks without being explicitly programmed. An ML algorithm learns relationships within the observed data in order to make predictions on newly collected data. 

The continuous addition of more data leads to finely tuning these predictions more accurately over time. In sleep medicine, this learning helps better pinpoint the signals and events most correlated with uncommon sleep disorders and patterns. As a result, machine learning algorithms can efficiently detect these underlying patterns, as AI/ML technology analyzes the complete set of data, rather than a single epoch or a small group of epochs at a time. 

What is EnsoSleep AI Sleep Scoring?

AI Sleep Scoring is the automated event detection and analysis of PSG or HSAT data performed by AI Scoring software, like EnsoSleep. The AI does this by analyzing the waveform data of sleep tests and providing an AI scored study for a registered clinician to review. 

EnsoSleep is an FDA cleared AI Scoring software that automates sleep staging and event detection for patients ages 13 and up. EnsoSleep integrates with the sleep lab’s existing software and devices, automatically detecting studies that require scoring. EnsoSleep analyzes and scores the studies, then places them back into the existing scoring workflow. 

EnsoSleep statistics, see performance document for full details

How is AI Scoring Different from Auto Scoring?

Auto scoring solutions are developed using traditional software-assisted programming, where humans “code” or “write” individual rules that are applied to sleep study data to generate answers. The number of rules that have to be coded to account for the high level of variability in sleep data makes traditional software-assisted auto scoring approaches unsuitable for sleep studies, often causing sleep technologists and clinicians to spend more time correcting errors than they saved from the auto scored study. 

Auto Scored Sleep Study - Traditional Programming

In contrast to traditional programming, EnsoData’s AI scoring solution, EnsoSleep, uses a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Machine Learning (ML). ML solutions do not require humans to individually code all the rules. Instead, ML software learns from the answers (aka, sleep studies scored and interpreted by board certified clinicians), and uses that information to develop an unlimited number of rules based on patterns in the previously scored studies.

AI Scored Sleep Study - Machine Learning

AI Scoring Continues to Learn and Improve with More Data

EnsoSleep continues to improve over time. As sleep techs make edits to studies previously scored by EnsoSleep, the algorithm learns how to make its rules better. EnsoData works with sleep centers to configure EnsoSleep to each sleep lab’s preferences, including snore settings, leg movements, desaturation thresholds and more, (within AASM scoring guidelines). As a result, EnsoSleep AI Scoring is more sophisticated, consistent, and adaptable than traditional software-assisted auto scoring solutions.

What is the EnsoViewer? 

EnsoViewer is an FDA cleared, web-based, sleep study reviewing, editing, and reporting tool that is optimized for a seamless clinician experience. EnsoViewer provides access to all studies and devices, across all locations, in one easy-to-use, interoperable, cloud-based platform for scoring and physician review. 

What is EnsoTST? 

EnsoTST is a novel, FDA cleared, PPG-Based Sleep Staging and Respiratory Rate that enables measurement of Total Sleep Time through commonly available data found in HSATs, and results in more diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients. EnsoTST provides reduced variability of HSAT testing and diagnosis, because it gives clinicians and physicians a more accurate calculation of the AHI. 

For example: in an 8 hour time span, if you are off by more than 30 minutes on the total sleep time, due to estimations, the AHI of a patient might vary. In some cases, that shift might change the AHI severity level, and thus result in a patient receiving the wrong treatment. With EnsoTST, your sleep lab will find improved quality of care in the HSAT environment, as you work from more accurate data.

Can EnsoSleep score HSATs?

Yes, EnsoSleep scores home sleep apnea tests (HSATs). In fact, AI Scoring makes at-home testing more scalable and profitable for providers as it simultaneously improves consistency and reduces time spent scoring. 

How does EnsoSleep integrate with sleep devices and software? 

EnsoSleep works behind-the-scenes, integrating with leading PSG and HSAT software and devices. Working directly with your software, EnsoSleep automatically detects studies that need scoring, analyzes them, and places them back into the existing scoring workflow. 

How does EnsoSleep fit into a sleep center workflow?

Because EnsoSleep is interoperable with the leading medical software and devices, your workflow will be virtually identical to your current set-up when you add EnsoSleep, regardless of the device or platform you use! 

Watch our video now to see how our AI Scoring technology seamlessly fits into your current sleep center workflow. 

How does AI sleep scoring compare to outsourcing sleep study scoring?

Sleep scoring solutions powered by AI drive better turnaround times for understaffed sleep centers. In this case study, see how a 4-location sleep practice reduced patient times from weeks to same-day results: “Leveraging Cutting Edge Sleep scoring AI Saves iSleep Time.”

What are the key benefits of AI-enabled scoring?  

The benefits of EnsoSleep’s AI Scoring varies from customer to customer and include:

  • More consistent scoring
  • Increasing revenue or testing volume
  • Standardizing scoring across locations
  • Faster scoring
  • Reducing outsourcing expenses
  • Cutting into patient backlog
  • Enhancing patient experience
  • Scaling number of patients 
  • Increasing reimbursements

Do you have additional questions?

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Where else can I learn more about EnsoSleep AI Scoring?

The following resources are helpful for learning more about EnsoData, and our AI scoring solution, EnsoSleep: 

  • Read our EnsoSleep White Paper which provides an overview of our waveform AI scoring solution for sleep clinics. 
  • Peruse our educational sleep webinars. We have a variety of topics designed to provide relevant content to the sleep medicine community. 
  • AI-enabled software has transformed a number of sleep clinics. Download our EnsoSleep case studies to read each story.
  • Want to see our published scientific papers in sleep research? Check out our publications page for articles dating back to our inception in 2015. 

We hope this helps you understand artificial intelligence sleep scoring a bit more, but if we didn’t answer your question, please, let us know what it is in the form above. Thank you.

* See our Compliance page for the EnsoSleep Performance Document.