EnsoSleep PPG

FDA-Cleared, AI-Powered Sleep Diagnosis Using Pulse Oximeters

Accelerate the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disordered breathing with accurate, cost-effective, AI-driven analysis of photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals captured by pulse oximeters.

Discover the Advantages of Pulse Oximeters for Home Sleep Testing

Pulse oximeters (pulse ox) are among the most common of all devices and sensors deployed across healthcare settings for diagnostic testing, bedside monitors, and consumer wearables.

Compared to traditional sleep diagnostic equipment, pulse ox devices are smaller and less expensive. They can be as simple to wear as a ring or watch and record physiological data related to sleep and breathing, such as a patient’s oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

EnsoSleep PPG provides more opportunities for clinicians to effectively reach undiagnosed patient populations by enabling AI-driven analysis of the PPG signal recorded by pulse oximeters. 

Accurate AI Scoring of Pulse Ox Devices Aids Physicians in Diagnosing Sleep Disorders

  • FDA-cleared AI analysis powered by deep learning models

  • Interoperable with compatible FDA-cleared pulse ox devices

  • PPG-based studies validated against PSGs

  • Detects sleep disordered breathing events

  • Identifies sleep stages (REM, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep)

  • Uses signals clinicians are familiar with reading and interpreting

  • Displays an editable sleep study for physician review

  • Exports final sleep report for patient diagnosis and treatment

Access, review, and edit all AI-scored HSAT, PSG, and PPG-based sleep studies in EnsoSleep Study Management.

EnsoSleep PPG Clinical Performance

Three key metrics demonstrate the clinical impact of EnsoSleep PPG

Celeste is a type IV HSAT solution that includes a mobile app (Android and iOS) to collect and transfer data from pulse oximeters, EnsoSleep PPG to analyze and score the data, and EnsoSleep Study Management for viewing and editing reports.

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We’d love to help you reach more patients and accelerate the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disordered breathing with accurate, cost-effective, accessible home sleep testing using pulse ox devices.

To learn more about how leveraging pulse ox devices for sleep analysis can impact the sleep lab, read our blog about the what, how, and why behind EnsoSleep PPG

Simplify and accelerate the sleep testing, diagnosis and treatment workflow for sleep clinicians and sleep labs with one cloud-based solution for sleep study viewing, editing, and reporting.

EnsoSleep FDA-cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution  automates the scoring of studies, and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring PSGs and HSATs. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care, improve outcomes and treat more patients.

EnsoSleep produces an accurate Total Sleep Time (TST) for HSAT devices that do not calculate a measurement of sleep time. Including TST results in improved diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients and potential increased reimbursement.

Support the entire sleep lab team and improve the in-lab patient experience by providing scoring summary data just minutes after live sleep study recording. EnsoSleep Realtime Scoring optimizes the sleep lab workflow for split-night criteria, optimal titration pressure, or diagnostic on-the-fly scoring.