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At EnsoData, we are committed to helping sleep technologists get the right information they need to perform their jobs at peak efficiency. We want to help medical directors better understand the challenges others are facing and how they’re succeeding in the face of changing landscapes in sleep. And we want to help inform the world of the major impact that AI will have on sleep medicine, one webinar at a time!

Top Sleep Medicine Trends of 2022
Webinar -- Top Sleep Medicine Trends of 2022 (1)

In 2021, a number of trends emerged in sleep technology – from the introduction of new devices and treatments, to the rise of wearables and the adoption of artificial intelligence.  How will these trends evolve in 2022 and impact the roles of sleep professionals, the delivery of patient care, and the future of sleep medicine?

Compare and Contrast: Artificial Intelligence Scoring and Auto Scoring in Sleep Medicine

What are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL)?  What’s the difference between AI-Assisted Sleep Test Scoring and Auto Scoring? Watch our educational webinar on demand to get answers to these frequently asked questions.

EnsoSleep AI Scoring Demo

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how EnsoSleep seamlessly fits into your workflow and discover the benefits our AI scoring solution provides sleep centers.

Tips and Tricks to Get a Successful Pediatric Sleep Study
Tips for a Successful Pediatric Sleep Study

In this educational webinar, learn tips to get an accurate pediatric sleep test from Michael McLeland, Ph.D., RPSGT. Dr. McLeland is the Technical Director of the Sleep Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and he shares years of pediatric sleep care insights in this succinct, insightful presentation.

Careers in Sleep: What is Your Pathway?
Careers in Sleep Hero Image for EnsoData On Demand Webinar

Are you ready to take your career in sleep medicine to the next level?  Join our panelists to gain professional advice and inspiration to advance your career.

2021 EnsoSleep Launch Event
EnsoSleep Launch OnDemand

Discover how new EnsoSleep features and capabilities can impact the goals of your sleep center and how you deliver patient care.

Overcoming Three of Today’s Greatest Challenges in Sleep Medicine: Can AI Help?

Watch our on-demand webinar based on recent research abstracts published at SLEEP 2021. Our EnsoData healthcare artificial intelligence researchers and collaborators share insights from ground-breaking research into three of today’s biggest challenges in sleep medicine.

How to Successfully Build Your Sleep Center Tech Stack

Are you considering adding new technology to your sleep center?  Hear advice and guidance from our panel of EnsoData customers on how to successfully build your sleep center tech stack.

Using AI to Transform CPAP Compliance
Using AI to Transform CPAP Compliance

Technology is making waves in more than just diagnosis and treatment.  Learn how game-changing AI technology can be predictive of future CPAP problems. Watch the webinar now!

Embracing the Future: The Evolving Role of the Sleep Technologist

Join Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, for a webinar to learn about the innovative role of Sleep Navigator. Watch the on-demand webinar today!

Marketing Strategies for your Sleep Center
Marketing Strategies for your Sleep Center

Is expanding your patient base or building your referral network a sleep center marketing goal? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn marketing tips that can easily be implemented in your clinic to impact your growth objectives.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI…Oh My!

You don’t have to be a wizard behind the curtain to understand how AI works! In this on-demand webinar, the EnsoData team talks about machine learning, deep learning and AI. Click to watch the 30-minute session now!

Pulling Back the Curtain on AI in Sleep Medicine

Sleep specialists and a physicist-data scientist discuss: artificial intelligence (AI), sleep, and brain health; opportunities and risks of AI in sleep medicine; and how AI may impact sleep medicine moving forward.

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