Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is a per-study monthly subscription package with a $1,000 minimum.

EnsoSleep Pricing




Study Management

Web-based study management and viewing platform *Required for Realtime Scoring


AI Scoring PSG

AI-powered scoring automation of PSGs


AI Scoring HSAT

AI-powered scoring automation of HSATs


Platform Minimum

Monthly minimum to access EnsoSleep


Optimize the Sleep Lab Workflow

Discover how EnsoSleep simplifies and accelerates the sleep testing, diagnosis, and treatment workflow, providing sleep teams with more opportunities to to expand patient care, improve outcomes, reach more patients, and impact sleep center growth.

Simply fill out our form and a team member will reach out to schedule an online consultative meeting and demo at your convenience. During the meeting, we’ll discuss the unique needs of your clinic and demonstrate how EnsoSleep optimizes your sleep lab workflow.

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