EnsoSleep Study Management Helps Address Challenges Facing Sleep Lab Managers

Sleep lab managers are under a lot of pressure to find new ways to streamline their operation to maximize efficiency. Unfortunately, the challenges for lab managers are numerous. Sleep technologist numbers are down, (-7.5% from 2017 to 2022). Retaining staff is harder and more expensive than in the past. In addition to the diagnostic device explosion, technologists and lab managers need to access multiple platforms daily to review their in-lab studies and HSATs. On top of it all, many labs have backlogs, in part due to limited HSAT devices, slow manual scoring and reporting processes, and physician bandwidth, among other factors.

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Does Your Sleep Lab Need More Time to Increase Bed Utilization?

Sleep labs using EnsoSleep save an average of 62% of the time scoring PSGs and 68% on HSATs. Reallocate time saved with EnsoSleep to improve bed utilization rages in your sleep clinic.

EnsoSleep is FDA cleared PSG and HSAT scoring and study management that optimizes the sleep lab workflow. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), EnsoSleep provides clinicians with one cloud-based platform for viewing, scoring, editing, and reporting of sleep studies.