How EnsoSleep Helps Support Overnight, Scoring-focused, and Daytime Sleep Technologists

In today’s sleep lab, the sleep technologist role is evolving. Overnight technologists are challenged with more complex patients in the lab as home sleep testing becomes less costly and more efficient for some populations. For scoring technologists, flipping between new and legacy devices slows down the sleep study scoring process. Meanwhile, day technologists are asked to do more now than ever before, including supporting patient screening, setting up HSATs, ordering DMEs, providing patient education and coaching, and assisting with remote patient monitoring.

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Use EnsoSleep Study Management to Overcome Three Common Sleep Tech Challenges - 02.07.2024

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Does Your Sleep Lab Need More Time to Increase Bed Utilization?

Sleep labs using EnsoSleep save an average of 62% of the time scoring PSGs and 68% on HSATs. Reallocate time saved with EnsoSleep to improve bed utilization rages in your sleep clinic.

EnsoSleep is FDA cleared PSG and HSAT scoring and study management that optimizes the sleep lab workflow. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), EnsoSleep provides clinicians with one cloud-based platform for viewing, scoring, editing, and reporting of sleep studies.