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What You Might Already Know, But Is Worth Repeating

Waveforms are used in healthcare to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients. The electric signal pulsing up and down on the monitor next to a patient’s bed is waveform data. Heartbeats on an EKG, eye movements through an EOG, and brain waves through an EEG all output as waveform data, with over 1.5 billion waveforms run per year globally across specialties.

By analyzing the waveforms found in sleep studies, EnsoData is able to accurately detect and diagnose sleep apnea and its related conditions — at a drastically reduced cost and in substantially less time. EnsoData saves clinics and health systems from spending thousands of hours on reviewing data, which allows clinicians to reallocate time to what’s important to them – the patients and what’s literally keeping them up at night.

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