Why the Pineapple?

A look behind the origins of the signature EnsoData pineapple logo

EnsoData Presents - Why the Pineapple?

The pineapple in our EnsoData logo is a great conversation starter and can naturally lead to questions such as, “So, what’s up with the pineapple?” or “Why did you include a tropical fruit in your logo?” or “What exactly does the pineapple symbolize for EnsoData?”

The answer to those questions is a little deeper and more meaningful than the simple fact that most of the EnsoData team enjoys eating the delicious tropical fruit and using our creative talents to carve them in the fall, among a growing class of pineapple-y traditions, and memes, new and old. And, who doesn’t appreciate the sweet aroma of a pineapple scented candle?

A Symbol of Hospitality

Historically, pineapples are associated with hospitality. They signify a sense of welcome, good cheer, warmth, and celebration. And if you ask our team what the pineapple means to them, you’ll consistently hear a similar theme:

  • Be patient and kind to co-workers and customers 
  • Treat others with respect because you don’t know what someone else might be going through
  • Be open and friendly
  • We might look tough on the outside, but we’re sweet on the inside
  • Be a good human
  • Do the right thing, because we can

We also seek to embody the pineapple in our customer experience from products to service:

  • Hospitality in customer service, support, and success
  • Creating fresh, joyful, approachable clinician workflows and seamless user experiences
  • Enabling new forms of analysis and oases of insight that can make reading sleep data and waveform data delightful, and sometimes, to even make it feel like a tropical paradise
  • Finding a bold yet sweet voice and image to raise curiosity and awareness for the public health crisis of sleep apnea and importantly how sleep medicine clinicians are helping
  • Encouraging customers, partners, team members to bring their true, original, authentic selves professionally, and to promote shared appreciation, connection, and respect
  • Embracing the Pineapple; finding your own meaning and living it to the fullest 

Ultimately, we want to convey that feeling of hospitality and goodwill with everyone we work with. 

After all, we recognize that challenges abound in today’s healthcare environment, and many of the clinicians we encounter are working harder and taking on more than ever before.  Patient expectations are rising despite downward pressure on reimbursements, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build and retain a thriving team, and external forces such as COVID-19 are impacting processes and the overall health of patients.  In the midst of all of these changes, delivering excellent patient care and reaching business goals are imperative to the success of our customers.  

Our EnsoData pineapple logo is a gentle reminder to our team and a symbol to sleep health professionals everywhere. If we can demonstrate kindness, warmth and patience in our interactions with customers and non-customers alike, while helping them succeed in their diagnosis and treatment of patients, we believe that together, we can make the world of sleep medicine a better place. And we think that’s pretty sweet.

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