EnsoTherapy uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower payors, ACO’s and at-risk provider organizations to efficiently treat and manage members with sleep apnea. 

How is Sleep Apnea Impacting your Patient Population?

In one word: immensely. From the undiagnosed population suffering without a treatment plan to those on treatment plans who do not remain adherent, sleep apnea is a monumental challenge and a costly burden for payor organizations. Difficult to treat, but expensive to ignore, sleep apnea is associated with many of the worst comorbidities in healthcare.

Sleep Apnea: Exacerbating Everything You Want to Avoid

  • 80% of people suffering from sleep apnea are undiagnosed

  • 78% of those diagnosed with sleep apnea are currently untreated

  • 66% of patients quit treatment within 12 months

  • And each person with sleep apnea costs their payor organization $2,500-$10,000 per year

Untreated sleep apnea diminishes the impact of ANY intervention to improve outcomes for this patient population. 

How Can EnsoTherapy Help You?

EnsoTherapy helps leaders of health plans, ACOs, and at-risk provider organizations improve health outcomes and reduce medical spend and acute utilization in members with sleep apnea. 

Not only does EnsoTherapy address treatment adherence issues, the solution also actively predicts and prevents adherence relapses. The result is immediate organizational ROI, stemming from reduced medical costs and improved health outcomes for members on CPAP in your patient population. 

Set up an appointment today to discover how EnsoTherapy can strengthen your organization’s sleep apnea program.

Positively Impact Your Sleep Apnea Patients and Your Bottom Line with EnsoTherapy

EnsoTherapy is designed to generate a positive ROI for organizations in one year, by directly addressing the already identified sleep apnea patient population within your organization’s membership base.

By effectively increasing the 3 percent of the population that is adherent to treatment, successful payor organizations save money and improve the health of their patient population.

Simply fill out our form and a team member will reach out to schedule a meeting at your convenience. 

During the meeting, we’ll discuss how to save your organization more than 20% on your existing sleep apnea population’s PMPM.

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