Overcome Sleep Lab Challenges

What’s the biggest challenge facing your sleep clinic in 2023?

  • Patients not showing up for their sleep tests?
  • Changing patient expectations?
  • A lack of technologists to oversee patients and score your in-lab studies?
  • Sicker or more complex patients?
  • Supply chain issues?

In today’s environment, there are many obstacles to maintaining a successful sleep lab operation that keeps your sleep team happy, your patients cared for, and your bottom line in the black.

Explore how EnsoSleep AI powered PSG and HSAT scoring and study management can be the catalyst to help you overcome many of the common challenges faced by sleep labs.

Nick Orr, EnsoData Regional Sales Manager, shares insight from his conversations with hundreds of sleep centers, and Customer Success team members Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, and Montana Greider provide additional expertise answering questions from webinar attendees.

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