Insights From Ground-Breaking Research

Watch our webinar to discover insights from ground-breaking research into three of the most pressing challenges in sleep medicine:

  • The epidemic of undiagnosed OSA
  • Maintaining long-term CPAP adherence to support health outcomes
  • Chicken or egg: clinical limitations of the AHI and strategies to go beyond

Join the following EnsoData healthcare artificial intelligence researchers and collaborators as they share insights based on research project abstracts published at SLEEP 2021:

  • Chris Fernandez, MS, Co-founder and CEO, EnsoData
  • Sam Rusk, BS, Co-founder and President, EnsoData
  • Yoav Nygate, MS, Senior AI and ML Engineer, EnsoData
  • Bretton Beine, BS, RPSGT, BetterNight
  • Nathaniel F. Watson, MD, MSc, University of Washington

In addition to providing a summary of the experimental data, results, and key findings for each of these major challenges, the team explores the potential role of AI in supporting clinicians that are already developing solutions to address these challenges today. The webinar concludes with a fireside chat session with presenters and collaborators.

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