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Medical evidence suggests that for optimum health and function, the average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep daily. 

However, according to Harvard Women’s Health Watch,* more than 60% of women regularly fall short of that goal. This is due to a host of factors including juggling family and career, caring for children, and weathering hormonal changes throughout their lifetime. 

Watch the educational webinar hosted by EnsoData’s Clinical Director, Andrea Ramberg, MS, RPSGT, CCSH. Andrea will be joined by panelists Andrea Matsumura MD, MS, FACP and Sarah Moe, RPSGT to explore the following learning objectives:

  1. Identify the unique sleep needs of women

  2. Address the different hormone/physical changes a woman goes through and how it could alter their sleep

  3. Learn how to educate women on how these hormonal and physical changes can alter sleep and when to seek medical attention

  4. Discover information that will help us educate both those in the medical field and the community on the importance of sleep for women

  5. Uncover whether treatment options and success rates differ for women compared to men


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*Harvard Health Publishing. (n.d.). Repaying your sleep debt.


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