Our team typically gets into everything we do with full vigor and excitement, and Halloween is no exception. While this year is a bit out of the normal in every regard, we still wanted to get into the spirit of the holiday, so we’re doing a bit of a throwback edition meet the team adventure. 

We’re big into Pineapple Jack-O-Lanterns

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to be in person for Jack-O-Lantern carving this year, so we’re doing a bit of a flashback to our 2019 and 2018 carving attempts. This first team image features all of the attempts from our small State Street headquarters, (we’ve since moved for those Madison folks reading!).

The big winner of the 2019 vote off was the Enso-Pineapple, but the entire team enjoyed the carving session. (Remember, this was our 2019 experience, and we very much miss being in each other’s presence due to COVID. This is especially true for our new team members, as we’ve grown a lot in the past six months).


And our team has some snazzy Halloween costumes

From our Zoom team meeting on Friday morning, see the photo below, to year’s past photos of our staff in action, check out some of the fan favorites from our internal costume feed. First up is the purrfectly attired Xica Wilgten, our amazing Herder of Humans (and Executive Assistant) with her partner, Travis, aka Maverick, and their baby pineapple, Olivia!










David Piper, the team’s Cloud Conductor and King of Pi, (oh, and also Senior AI Infrastructure Engineer), with his partner, Mallory — rocking the Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin outfits to perfection. There’s only one man for the job… and it’s Burt Macklin, FBI.










Next up, Steven Miller, EnsoData’s Lord of Content and Catan, Gurg of Social Media, (and Marketing Manager). He and partner Cassidy, with Insta-famous Dog Nox, as The Space Cowboy, The Gangster of Love and the Joker, respectively, combining to represent the classic Steve Miller Band song. Talk about meta, and yes, that’s a drill.










In this pair of photos, we’re actually sharing a pair of Enso employees. In the first picture, on the far right is Rachel Boer, our Khaleesi of Leads (Director of Marketing) and next to her, second from the right, is Cindy Braden, our Pineapple Queen (SVP of Sales). Rachel’s partner, Michael is the great Patches O’Houlihan, featured in the center, and with Rachel (Steve the Pirate) in the second photo.


Our fearless Director of Regulatory Affairs … I mean Empress of Nonsense … is none other than Sigrid Schoepel. In this take on the Carol Burnett Show parody of “Gone with the Wind”…. “Went with the Wind.” Truly inspiring!

Last, but obviously not least, is our team in the office in 2019…. in the back row is David (still as Burt Macklin) and Sam (this time as a Wizard), and in the front, is Brock (as Waldo), Yoav (as a Badger fan), and Nick G (as a lobster!). We were a smaller crew, but still had the same yuuge spirit.

Bonus: while it’s not in person, the team was excited to share the fun this year over Zoom!

Around the Zoom, from top to bottom, left to right: we have a rooster (Fred), a witch (Xica), an astronaut (Brock), (Nick O), A Bread-winner (Andrea), A bearded, pineappled Waldo (Yoav), a late 70s Paul McCartney (Sam), a bunny snapping the photo (Rachel), the embodiment of pineapples (Connor), Wonder Woman (Chris F), (Mun) with Simba, Carson Wentz (Chris G), Chuck/Koodu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Nick G), a Rockford Peach ball player (Cindy), (Matt), a Cat (Sigrid), Cruela DeVille (David), a Zoom no-show (Tristan), and a Panda bear (Steven).

Thank you to our whole team for being amazingly spooky!

EnsoData wouldn’t exist without the awesome people we are lucky to call colleagues. Together, we’re working to simplify the sleep scoring process for frontline technicians in the sleep world. We’re doing what we can to standardize scoring, to reduce patient turnaround times for score results, and cut costs for both patients and the major health systems and private clinics we work with.

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