Cutting PSG Scoring Times by 78% and Eliminating HSAT Overscoring Entirely Leads to Improved Sleep Lab Efficiency

Struggling with a large sleep study scoring backlog, Northwell Health staff didn’t have time for other priorities, including patient education. They were interested in an automated scoring solution that could free up technologists to address other sleep lab priorities, including expanding their HSAT program, increasing daytime sleep testing, and supporting with patient outreach, from mask fittings to PAP naps.  Since adding EnsoSleep in 2020, Northwell’s sleep labs have used AI to support more than 7,000 patients across in-lab and at-home sleep tests. With the power of EnsoSleep AI Scoring, the team was able to cut average PSG scoring times by 78 percent. For HSATs, they eliminated overscoring entirely, instead sending AI scored studies directly to the interpreting physicians for final sign off, expediting the process for patients significantly.  Dive into the full case study to read about Northwell Health’s experience with EnsoSleep AI Scoring for both in-lab and at-home sleep studies.