Study Management Helps Jiva Reduce Patient Turnaround Times, Minimize Tech Scoring Variability, and Expand to New Locations 

Jiva Health has provided comprehensive medical services, including sleep medicine, for communities in the Bay Area (and beyond) for over four decades. Jiva delivers personalized care for every patient in their network, helping the members in their community lead healthier, happier lives. Keith Thompson, the Director of Sleep Operations, works closely with sleep medicine physicians and sleep technologists to educate both the public and medical community about the critically important role sleep plays in our overall health. 

One challenge Jiva needed to address this year was finding a way to support the full sleep operation across multiple locations, with multiple devices, and for multiple providers. To solve this challenge, Thompson added EnsoSleep AI Scoring and Study Management.

Dive into the full case study to read how EnsoSleep AI Scoring and Study Management helped Jiva standardize their overall operation, allowing Thompson and his team to focus on expanding to new locations, while reducing patient turnaround times and minimizing the variability between multiple scoring technologists.