Improving the HSAT Workflow with Sleep Study Management and Total Sleep Time

The Awaken2Sleep team provides a holistic solution for dental practices to test patients for sleep disorders. To help optimize their operation, Awaken2Sleep added EnsoSleep Study Management and AI Scoring for HSATs. The change was instrumental.

With EnsoSleep Study Management, all the devices used by Awaken2Sleep’s affiliated organizations – including Braebon Medibyte Jr, Synergy ZMachines, ApneaLink Air, Philips Alice NightOne, NightOwl, SleepImage, WatchPAT, Somnomedics, and Nox T3 – are displayed in the same platform, accessible from any computer or device with internet access.

EnsoSleep AI Scoring helped Awaken2Sleep cut down on the time spent scoring sleep studies substantially, allowing clinicians to review more studies and support an ever growing number of dental practices.

Dive into the full case study to read how EnsoSleep supported the nationwide operation.