Reaching More Patients with HSATs and EnsoSleep

As a leading provider of sleep laboratory management services and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT), MedBridge Healthcare owns and operates over 130 sleep diagnostic programs nationwide. When MedBridge first added EnsoSleep AI Scoring in 2019, the goal was to speed up the PSG testing process and create more time for their clinical staff to perform other revenue generating or patient engagement tasks. When the COVID pandemic surged, MedBridge doubled their HSAT operation with the help of EnsoSleep, allowing staff to continue providing care for their network of patients remotely.  

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), EnsoSleep provides the team at MedBridge Healthcare with a single cloud-based platform for viewing, scoring, editing and reporting of PSGs and HSATs. EnsoSleep AI Scoring for PSGs and HSATs reduces the turnaround time of scored studies, accelerates physician access to clinical results, and results in quicker diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Dive into the full case study to read how EnsoSleep has supported more than 110,000 patients in the MedBridge Healthcare network, with no signs of slowing down.