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Sleep Test Scoring that Enhances Patient Care and Treatment

In May 2021, St. Joseph Health announced a new partnership with EnsoData, to leverage an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that scores and analyzes sleep studies in a matter of minutes. 

This partnership simplifies the implementation of EnsoSleep AI-assisted sleep study scoring for all sleep centers in the CommonSpirit Health network.

Adding EnsoSleep to St. Joseph Health

More Time to Provide the Highest Quality of Care

On 60-70 total sleep studies per month, St. Joseph Health Sleep Center Supervisor, John Childers, is saving almost 30 hours of time previously spent scoring sleep tests. That same type of time savings is evident at all sleep centers using EnsoSleep, with an average 56% savings on PSGs and 67% on HSATs.

What could your sleep lab do with more time?

  • Elevate overall quality of care by ensuring patients receive proper care, guidance and treatment

  • Implement a sleep navigation program to identifies patients with sleep apnea during pre-op assessments

  • Nurture physician relationships, strengthening the patient referral network

  • Improve quality reporting initiatives

  • Address other revenue-generating business priorities, including marketing and accreditation

Ready to consider EnsoSleep for your sleep lab?

The Information Security (InfoSec) Review (often the lengthiest part of the implementation process) is already completed for sleep centers in the CommonSpirit Health network, simplifying the process of adding AI scoring to your sleep lab operations.

Download the infographic to see the entire process and next steps for seamlessly implementing EnsoSleep in your CommonSpirit Health sleep lab.

Optimize Your Lab with Sleep Study Scoring Automation

that Works

Realize the time savings and efficiency AI scoring provides sleep center operations and explore how EnsoSleep gives clinicians more opportunities to focus on patient care, compliance, and growth activities by:

  • Automating event detection;
  • Providing consistent and reliable scoring of sleep studies, ready for clinician review;
  • Reducing time spent scoring sleep studies.

Request a Demo to Get Started

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EnsoSleep is an FDA cleared AI-assisted sleep scoring and analysis solution that automates the scoring of studies and reduces the time RPSGTs spend scoring. Consistent, reliable results provide clinicians with more time to expand patient care and improve outcomes.

EnsoTST enables the measurement of Total Sleep Time through commonly available data found in HSATs, resulting in more diagnostic accuracy for clinicians and patients.

EnsoViewer provides clinicians with access to studies from all leading devices, from any location with internet, in one easy-to-use, interoperable, cloud-based platform.