Welcome Territory Managers and Therapy Access Managers!

Together, Respicardia & EnsoData are helping to improve diagnosis
and treatment of Central Sleep Apnea

Physicians, sleep techs, and others involved in caring for individuals with sleep issues are facing tremendous pressure to improve the efficiency of sleep center operations, increase revenue, AND improve the patient experience. We can help them meet this challenging goal!

Resources for Respicardia Territory Managers and Therapy Access Managers

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EnsoSleep Brochure

AI Scoring vs Auto Scoring

EnsoSleep Pricing

Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies


A Partnership that Supports Sleep Center Goals

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Increase Volume and Maintain Consistency


Improve Workflow and Turnaround Time


Leverage Technology to Reduce Costs and Save Time

Advanced Sleep Management

Improve Consistency, Outcomes, Efficiency

In 2017, EnsoData gained FDA clearance for EnsoSleep, the 2nd artificial intelligence (AI)-based medical device in US history.

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Since then, more than 500 sleep centers have incorporated EnsoSleep FDA Cleared PSG and HSAT
Scoring and Study Management into their sleep labs.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), EnsoSleep provides clinicians with one cloud-based platform for viewing, scoring, editing and reporting of PSGs and HSATs. 

Watch the video to see how EnsoSleep optimizes the sleep lab workflow for night techs, day techs, physicians, lab managers, and patients.

Respicardia Account Referral Process

A maximum of 7 accounts, per rep, can be actively registered at any one time.
Account registration will expire if Intro & Demo meeting isn’t scheduled within 90 days of registration.
Accounts can be re-registered after 90-days.

1. If you’d like to register an account that you feel is a good referral opportunity for EnsoSleep, simply fill out our form.

2. An EnsoData Partner Account Manager (PAM) will confirm the account isn’t being targeted by another Partner Rep, isn’t actively evaluating EnsoSleep, or isn’t already an EnsoSleep user.

3. Once you’ve confirmed your contact at an account would like to learn more about EnsoSleep, email your PAM to schedule a 45-minute consultative meeting and demo with your contact.

4. During the meeting, you will introduce your contact and summarize the discussion you’ve had with them to date. Then your EnsoData sales rep counterpart will discuss the unique needs of their clinic and demonstrate how EnsoSleep can help them meet the difficult challenges that sleep centers are facing today.

Have questions? Feel free to contact your Partner Account Manager at respicardia@ensodata.com

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Optimize the Sleep Lab Workflow with EnsoSleep

Grow Revenue & Expand Access
  • Reduce No-Show rate via pre-appt calls that reduce patient anxiety

  • Increase home sleep apnea test setups & turnaround time

  • Improve PAP compliance via patient support and education

Manage Testing & Staff Variability
  • Manage variable study volume with same staff

  • Avoid scoring backlog due to staff sickness or departures

  • Reduce dependency on outsourced or overtime scoring

Optimize Quality of Care
  • Present physicians with the most reliable data to make an accurate diagnosis

  • Help patients get the best therapy to treat their condition