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If you missed any of the educational webinars hosted by EnsoData in 2021, check out the on-demand lineup below 

We are proud to be a part of the sleep medicine community, and we are excited to continue to bring webinars of value to sleep professionals in the coming years. In 2021, we presented a number of educational webinars for sleep medicine professionals, covering everything from marketing your sleep center, to comparing AI Scoring and Auto Scoring, to career-focused webinars for sleep technologists. Several of our webinars also allowed attendees to earn CSTE credit, and we look forward to continuing that trend in 2022. Check out the following recap of EnsoData’s 2021 webinars to catch up on any you may have missed over the past year by simply clicking on the accompanying graphics.

Webinars at the Intersection of AI and Sleep Medicine 

EnsoData hosted a trio of webinars touching on artificial intelligence (AI) in sleep medicine. For someone who knows nothing about AI, these three webinars are an excellent starting point. A combination of deep dive and higher level concepts, you won’t be disappointed watching any of these three webinars on-demand. 

Overcoming Three of Today’s Greatest Challenges in Sleep Medicine: Can AI Help?

The EnsoData team published six abstracts at SLEEP 2021, and to give them the attention they deserve, we hosted a webinar with a number of our research collaborators. The webinar highlighted our ground-breaking research, specifically diving into three of the most pressing challenges in sleep medicine:

  • The epidemic of undiagnosed OSA
  • Maintaining long-term CPAP adherence to support health outcomes
  • Clinical limitations of the AHI and strategies to go beyond 

Click the graphic below to watch the webinar and hear some of the insights from research project abstracts published at SLEEP 2021.

Compare and Contrast: AI Scoring and Auto Scoring in Sleep Medicine

In this webinar, our team dove into the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scoring and Auto Scoring technologies in Sleep Medicine and beyond. The webinar was co-hosted by Cadwell Inc., and included speakers from both the EnsoData and Caldwell teams. 

The webinar provided academic and practical definitions of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL), including examples of the differences between AI-Assisted sleep scoring and software-assisted auto scoring technologies. Catch the on-demand version by clicking the graphic below. 

Compare and Contrast - Artificial Intelligence Scoring and Auto Scoring in Sleep Medicine

EnsoSleep AI Scoring Demo and Overview

In sleep medicine today, clinicians are working harder and taking on more responsibilities than ever before, all while continuing to focus on delivering excellent patient care and achieving business goals. In this webinar, EnsoData’s SVP of Sales, Cindy Braden, walks through the ways EnsoSleep Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sleep Scoring supports sleep professionals in navigating the challenges of the changing sleep medicine environment.

Click the graphic below to see how EnsoSleep seamlessly fits into your workflow and simplifies your scoring process with the EnsoSleep AI Scoring Demo.

Webinars for Growing Your Career in Sleep

We also hosted a handful of webinars that were tailored around developing sleep careers. Our in-house sleep technologist, Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, regularly shares her expertise and knowledge in webinars designed to help sleep professionals take the next step in their career development. 

Careers in Sleep: What is Your Pathway?

Tailored to technologists in the field of sleep medicine, this webinar included a panel of RPSGTs for a roundtable discussion on professional advice and inspiration for career advancement. The panel of experts included: Michael McLeland Ph.D. RPSGT, Sarah Brennecka, BA, and Andrea Ramberg, BA, CCSH, RPSGT. The three panelists discussed a handful of topics including: 

  • Understanding the new and different career paths available for sleep technologists
  • Identifying new programs to implement at your sleep center
  • Differentiating yourself and identifying your passion
  • Balancing current responsibilities and career growth 

If you’re a sleep technologist, sleep lab manager, or lead sleep technician looking for ways to advance your career or implement new programs in your sleep center, watch our on-demand webinar now by clicking on the below graphic. 

Careers in Sleep Hero Image for EnsoData On Demand Webinar

Embracing the Future: The Evolving Role of the Sleep Technologist

Hosted by EnsoData’s Customer Success Manager, Andrea Ramberg, this webinar dives into the role of the sleep navigator, covering the following topics: 

  • Technology’s impact on the role of the Sleep Technologist
  • Why sleep navigation is important to the future of the industry
  • What the Sleep Navigator role means for hospitals, physicians, and patients
  • How to create an inpatient screening program
  • Understanding the Sleep Navigator skillset and how to thrive in the inpatient setting
  • Identifying potential program hurdles and solutions to the challenges

If you’re interested in the role of sleep navigator or setting up a sleep navigation program in your clinic, watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Webinars for Optimizing your Sleep Center Operation

The final sleep webinars prioritized in 2021 were tailored around sleep center operational goals. From building out your IT technology stack, to tailoring treatment to your pediatric patients, to developing your marketing plan, there are a lot of different responsibilities when running a sleep center or health system.  

Marketing Strategies for your Sleep Center

To help your sleep center optimize your marketing efforts, the EnsoData marketing team walked sleep professionals through the basics of building a marketing plan that focuses on patient population growth, and included the following objectives: 

  • Ensure your marketing aligns with your mission
  • Determine the best channels to reach your audience
  • Identify ways to promote your clinic to providers and patients
  • Strategize and execute your social media strategy
  • Set-up and optimize your review channels to bring in new business

Learn about how to implement these marketing strategies to drive your sleep center’s 2022 growth. Simply click the graphic below to watch the webinar on demand!

Marketing Strategies for your Sleep Center

Tips and Tricks to Get a Successful Pediatric Sleep Study

There is no debate on the importance of delivering the ultimate care for pediatric patients. Keeping current on trends in pediatrics is an important part of a successful sleep lab. From his vast experience serving pediatric patients, Michael McLeland, Ph.D., RPSGT, and Technical Director of the Sleep Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, shared tips and insights for serving pediatric patients, including how to:

  • Identify artifact and troubleshoot
  • Understand the difference between EtCO2 and TcCO2 monitors
  • Recognize a challenging patient
  • Define why knowledge of different pediatric syndromes is important

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to record a successful pediatric patient sleep study.

Tips for a Successful Pediatric Sleep Study


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