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Case Studies


EnsoData Sleep Story - Sleep and Athletic Performance

The Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance

The Next Game Changer in Sports Science: How Prioritizing Sleep Timing, Quality, and Quantity Drives Improved Athletic Performance In this month’s sleep story, we talk …

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Lab Managers Leverage EnsoSleep to Support their Team

EnsoSleep Enables Sleep Lab Managers to Maximize Staff Talent Part two of our 4-part series on how EnsoSleep impacts different sleep center roles, details how …

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EnsoData Blog - A Founder’s Thoughts on How to Sprint a Marathon

We’re hiring a CEO: A Founder’s Thoughts on How to Sprint a Marathon

Passing the Reins at EnsoData to Double Down on Ourselves The News: We’re hiring a CEO What’s faster? A 4×400 relay or 1×1600 race? What’s more …

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EnsoData Blog Post Image - How EnsoSleep Assists Sleep Technologists

How EnsoSleep Assists Sleep Technologists

EnsoSleep simplifies sleep scoring, empowering technologists to focus on other areas of the patient care continuum In part one of our 4-part series on how …

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Treating Sleep Apnea Resulted in 20% Lower Medical Spend in 2 Million Patient OSA Actuarial Study

EnsoData analyzed the impact of Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) on Chronic Comorbid Conditions and Healthcare Costs in this OSA Actuarial Study.

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Passing Down A Passion for Sleep Care

Passing Down a Passion for Sleep Care

Meet the new Sleep Program Supervisor with Hoag Health System in California: Alana Sherrill, CCSH, RPSGT. Alana earned her RPSGT over 20 years ago and …

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The Sleep Apnea Silver Lining

How a Diagnosis and a Growing Community Changed the Life of this Sleep Micro Influencer, Resulting in Excellent Educational Content for All People Affected by …

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The Importance of Sleep

Meet Anne Morse: A Vocal Champion of Sleep Health In this month’s story, meet Dr. Anne Morse, a Clinical Associate Professor with Geisinger Commonwealth School …

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Part of the EnsoData Team at the 5K

Embracing Equitable Opportunities for All

Volunteering Around the Country, DEI Committee Discussion Groups, and Educational Opportunities Lead 2022 DEI Priorities A year ago, our DEI committee was merely a growing …

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EnsoData Blog Post Hero Image - An Exciting Two-Day PEOPLE Program Workshop

An Exciting Two-Day PEOPLE Program Workshop

Members of EnsoData’s DEI Committee Lead a Two-Day Workshop for the Future Engineers of America In late July 2022, members of the EnsoData team, led …

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Expanding the Sleep Tech Role with CCSH

On this educational webinar, Amber Allen provides the pathways to take the CCSH exam, the knowledge base needed to be successful in a clinical sleep health role, and ways the CCSH credential can be utilized in a sleep medicine practice.

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The Impact of OSA Therapy on Healthcare Costs

Join Chris Fernandez, EnsoData Co-Founder and CEO, for a summary of research examining the economic impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) therapy compliance

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Going Beyond Pressure: The History and Future of Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Therapy

On this educational webinar, Dr. William H. Noah details the relationship between pressure flow and resistance, the effects of PAP on the body, an understanding of the PAP circuit, as well as the future of controlling the PAP circuit to improve outcomes.

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EnsoSleep AI Scoring Demo

Watch an overview and demonstration of EnsoSleep Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scoring to discover how consistent, reliable, automated sleep test scoring provides more time for the goals and activities of your staff and sleep lab.

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The CCSH Sleep Coach

Join us for a webinar to learn how credentialed CCSHs can work as sleep coaches to provide comprehensive education and effective clinical support for sleep patients outside of the traditional clinical setting.

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Partner with Your EnsoData BFF for Ongoing Sleep Lab Success

Join EnsoData team members Fred Turkington, VP of Customer Success, and Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, Customer Success Manager, for a webinar to learn how to fully embrace your partnership with EnsoData to drive success in your sleep lab.

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How to Make Your AI Scoring Implementation Enjoyable and Successful

Join EnsoData team members Fred Turkington, VP of Customer Success, and Shahnawaz Khan, RPSGT, CCSH, Clinical Informaticist, as they provide tips to ensure the implementation of EnsoSleep AI scoring in your sleep lab is not only a success, but also an enjoyable experience!

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3 Things that Keep Sleep Professionals Up at Night

According to a recent workplace survey, sleep technology professionals have three main concerns that might be keeping them up at night. Join us for a webinar to explore practical solutions for overcoming these challenges so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in addition to a thriving and successful sleep center operation.

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Top Sleep Medicine Trends of 2022

Listen to three experts in sleep medicine technology discuss emerging trends in sleep and their impact on the roles of sleep professionals, the delivery of patient care, and the future of sleep medicine.

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Embracing the Future: The Evolving Role of the Sleep Technologist

Join Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, for a webinar to learn about the innovative role of Sleep Navigator. Watch the on-demand webinar today!

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White Papers & eBooks

Five Strategies to Improve Sleep Lab Bed Utilization Rates

Featuring examples from sleep labs around the country, this ebook dives into specific ways organizations can improve sleep lab bed utilization rates, increase revenue, and achieve better patient outcomes.

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7 Benefits EnsoSleep Provides Physicians

This eBook highlights several ways EnsoSleep can help physicians working with sleep centers. For sleep physicians in any care environment, dive in to learn how an AI-assisted scoring solution can improve your day to day operations and patient interactions.

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8 Ways to Grow Your Sleep Center

Read our eBook for eight suggestions to grow your sleep clinic and positively affect staff and patient experiences.

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2021 EnsoSleep White Paper

In the 2021 EnsoSleep White Paper, learn about the FDA-cleared EnsoSleep automated sleep scoring solution, plus EnsoTST and EnsoViewer.

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4 Keys to Successfully Build Your Sleep Center Tech Stack

Innovative sleep labs are investing in technology. In this eBook, learn how successful organizations have added new technology to their labs.

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The Evolving Sleep Center: a COVID-19 Survey Analysis

By embracing telehealth, expanding clinic test offerings to include both PSGs and HSATs, and empowering staff to adapt to meet the changing needs and requirements of clinics and patients, the sleep community is poised to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

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Insights from Sleep Centers on Testing During COVID-19

This sleep study white paper is your guide to prioritizing Home Sleep Tests (HST) during COVID-19 and investing in HSTs for your long-term future.

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Download the 2017 EnsoSleep Whitepaper

Learn about EnsoSleep Artificial Intelligence Scoring, including how to Confidently and Rapidly Score HSATs and Empower Staff with More Time.

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Polysomnography following an indeterminate HSAT Low Compliance with AASM Guidelines

Polysomnography following an indeterminate HSAT: Low Compliance with AASM Guidelines

Yoav N. Nygate1 • Sam Rusk1 • Fred Turkington1 • Chris R. Fernandez1 • Nick Glattard1 • Matt Sprague1 • Zac Winzurk1 • Nathaniel Watson, MD, MSc2 Access …

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Evaluation of Healthcare Insurance Claims Record

Evaluation of Healthcare Insurance Claims Record based Artificial Intelligence Screening Tools for Undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep

Sam Rusk, BS1 • Fred Turkington, BS1 • Chris R. Fernandez, MS1 • Yoav N. Nygate, MSc1 • Nick Glattard, MS1 • Melania Abrahamian, PhD1 …

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Impact of OSA Therapy on Healthcare Costs: Actuarial Analysis of OSA Prevalence, Therapy Adherence, Co-morbidity, and Costs in a Large Medicare Population Cohort

Chris R. Fernandez1 • Mark Kaiser1 • Jen McClurg1 • Sam Rusk1 • Nick Glattard1 • Fred Turkington1 • Yoav N. Nygate1 • Maggie Richard2 • Ian Duncan2 • Nathaniel Watson3 Access the Study Download the Poster Introduction Research studying the …

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How will artificial intelligence (AI) advance sleep medicine?

Nathaniel F. Watson1 • Cathy Goldstein2 • Sam Rusk3 • Chris Fernandez3 Download the Study Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI) combines clinical, environmental and laboratory based …

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Clinical Validation of AI Scoring in Adult and Pediatric Clinical PSG Samples Compared to Prospective, Double-Blind Scoring Panel

Chris R. Fernandez, MS1 • Sam Rusk, BS1 • Yoav N. Nygate, MSc1 • Nick Glattard, MS1 • Fred Turkington, BS1 • Nathaniel F. Watson, …

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Clinical Validation of AI Analysis of PPG Based Sleep-Wake Staging, Total Sleep Time, and Respiratory Rate

Nathaniel F. Watson, MD, MSc1 • Chris R. Fernandez, MS2 • Sam Rusk, BS2 • Yoav N. Nygate, MSc2 • Nick Glattard, MS2 • Fred …

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Redefining Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Adherence Phenotypes Utilizing Deep Neural Networks and Unsupervised Clustering

Yoav N. Nygate, MS1 • Sam Rusk, BS1 • Chris R. Fernandez, MS1 • Nick Glattard, MS1 • Nathaniel F. Watson, MD, MSc2 • William …

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Dynamic Phenotype Learning: A Novel Machine Learning Approach To Develop And Discover New OSA Sub-Types

Chris R. Fernandez, MS1 • Sam Rusk, BS1 • Yoav N. Nygate, MS1 • Nick Glattard, MS1 • Jessica Arguelles, BS • Jiaxiao M. Shi, …

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Evaluation of Electronic Medical Record Artificial Intelligence Screening Tools for Undiagnosed OSA

Sam Rusk, BS • Yoav N. Nygate, MSc • Fred Turkington, BS • Chris R. Fernandez, MS • Nick Glattard, MS • Nathaniel F. Watson, …

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EEG-Based Deep Neural Network Model for Brain Age Prediction and its Association with Patient Health Conditions

Yoav N. Nygate, MS, Sam Rusk, BS, Chris R. Fernandez, MS, Nick Glattard, MS, Jessica Arguelles, BS, Jiaxiao M. Shi, PhD, Dennis Hwang, MD, Nathaniel …

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